Head, Neck and Plastic Surgery

Gregory M. Beddell, MD
Cosmetic Surgery
Many times, surgical intervention can help enhance or improve your overall appearance and help you realize your ideal aesthetic. We offer both surgical and non-surgical services designed to help you look younger, thinner or more suitable to your desires, according to your specific needs.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Injuries, illnesses and birth defects can all play a role in causing deformities that may require surgical intervention to correct. If you've been affected by a deformity, surgical intervention can be an effective way to improve your area of concern, restore function and increase mobility for a better quality of life. At WRHPI, we offer a number of plastic and reconstructive surgeries designed to address deformities, scars, traumatic injuries, post-cancer abnormalities and more.

Plastic Surgery Providers:

Gregory M. Beddell, MD

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Quick Facts

Alcohol and tobacco are two of the most important risk factors for head and neck cancers, causing roughly 75 percent of all cases.